Bring medi-futures to your institution Expand access to shadowing and mentorship for students at your school

Are you interested in bring Medi-Futures virtual shadowing to your institution? Read below for the steps to get started!

step 1

Learn More

Visit the ‘About Us’ page to learn about the Medi-Futures mission. See below for more information about the steps required to bring Medi-Futures to your institution.

Step 2

Create a Team

See ‘Step 2’ below for more information about the members of your team.

Step 4

You’ve Joined the Medi-Futures Team!

We’ll collaborate to bring Medi-Futures to students at your institution and begin the program in a future semester.

step 1: Learn More

Visit the About Us page of our website to learn about Medi-Futures and our mission.

Step 2: Create a team

  • To start off, we ask that you form a team. Brining Medi-Futures to your campus requires work best suited for a team of students, healthcare professionals, and faculty.
  • Your team should include:
    • Student Director (1): undergraduate student or gap year student to oversee your campus program and lead a team of students and Ambassadors
    • Faculty Director (1): healthcare professional/faculty member to oversee your campus program and advocate for the program among administration and other faculty
    • Secretary (1): undergraduate student/gap year student to manage communication and program logistics
    • Outreach Chair (1): undergraduate student/gap year student to lead outreach presence and oversee team of Ambassadors
    • Campus Ambassadors (4+): undergraduate students/gap year students to participate in student outreach efforts and manage program events

Once you have a team formed, it’s time for Step 3!

Step 3: Meet with our team

Let’s schedule a meeting! In this meeting, we’ll get to know you and your newly formed team, we’ll discuss Medi-Futures and our mission, and we’ll explain how our teams will collaborate for a smooth transition of bringing virtual shadowing to your campus.

Step 4: You’ve joined the Medi-futures team!

Once we’ve met with you and your team, we will begin setting your program up for success! We look forward to our future collaboration!


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