give a medi-futures presentation

The goal of virtual shadowing is to provide students with a glimpse into your life as a healthcare professional, sharing similar information to what you would provide to shadowing students.

Through giving a Medi-Futures presentation, you reach hundreds to thousands of students with just 50 minutes of your time.

Because virtual shadowing is meant to be a ‘bridge’ for students to pursue additional opportunities such as in-person shadowing, research, volunteering, mentorship, and more, speakers who are located near one of the Medi-Futures partner institutions are ideal, but this is not a deal-breaker. If you’re passionate about educating the next generation, we can provide a platform for you!

Who is Your Audience?
The majority of your audience will be undergraduate students, but we oftentimes have masters students, post-baccalaureate students, gap-year students, career-changers, and more. Because of the flexibility of our program, we have a diverse audience of students!

Student participants in Medi-Futures are pre-health. Some students are absolutely sure that the health career they have in mind is the one they will pursue; some students know they want to pursue some career in healthcare, but what that career might be is unclear; and some students might not even know if a health career is the path for them.

Some students may attend your presentation live via zoom, others may view the recording of your presentation at a later time – this keeps it accessible for students with varying schedules and commitments.

Suggested Presentation Content & Format

Who Are You? (about 10 minutes)

  • Introduction
  • Your path to healthcare
    • Why did you choose your career/specialty?
    • When did you know this was the path for you?
    • Schooling required
  • Work/life balance
  • Role(s) you have outside of your clinical role (if any)

What Do You Do? (about 30 minutes)

  • A ‘day in your life’
  • Anatomy relevant to your field
  • Common disorders/illness you encounter and treat
  • Videos and/or pictures of procedures and treatments
  • Patient case examples

Question & Answer Session (about 10 minutes)

  • Students have lots of questions! Be prepared to answer questions sent in the chat
  • If you are comfortable doing so, share an email address with students
    • This is particularly helpful for students who view the recording of your presentation to reach out

see some examples!

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Give a Medi-Futures Presentation

Give a Medi-Futures Presentation

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