Medi-Futures UNF general overview

The Medi-Futures Program offers virtual shadowing in which students “shadow” via zoom. Through Medi-Futures, pre-health students have the opportunity to interact with healthcare professionals within various careers and specialties as they dive deep into their path to healthcare, education, and lifestyle, along with diseases, treatments, research, and patient cases relevant to their field.

Flexible Attendance Options

The flexibility of Medi-Futures brings shadowing to students. Participants have the option to view shadowing presentations live via zoom at a scheduled time or via presentation recordings at a time convenient for them.

Earn Virtual Shadowing Hours and/or A Certificate

Medi-Futures offers 40 presentations each fall and spring semester, and 18 presentations each summer semester. As a part of Medi-Futures, participants are added to a Canvas page to view presentations and to complete the associated quizzes (worth 1 point each). Each quiz point earned equates to 1 virtual shadowing hour!

Students interested in earning a Medi-Futures certificate are required to view all presentations scheduled for the semester in which they are participating; in a fall or spring semester, a certificate equals 40 virtual shadowing hours; in a summer semester, a certificate equals 18 virtual shadowing hours.

Though we encourage participants to aim for a certificate, we understand not all students have the time to dedicate to viewing 40 presentations; a certificate is not required for virtual shadowing hours to be earned. For students who complete less than 40 presentations and quizzes, virtual shadowing hours are still earned and they can be verified by our team for application purposes. For example, if you view 14 presentations and earn 14 points from corresponding quizzes, you have earned 14 virtual shadowing hours!

Medi-Futures UNF virtual shadowing summer 2024

For the Summer 2024 semester, University of North students will participate in the Medi-Gators Virtual Shadowing Program with the University of Florida. Beyond Summer 2024, UNF students will hear from speakers local to UNF. Below is information about the Summer 2024 Medi-Gators Virtual Shadowing Program.

Program Dates and Schedule

Medi-Futures Summer 2024 will take place from July 8th to July 26th.

The Summer 2024 session is 3 weeks in duration, and it will include live zoom presentations every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (participants have the option to attend live zoom presentations or to view presentation recordings later in the week).

Participants will shadow 18 healthcare professionals within various specialties via zoom; therefore, up to 18 virtual shadowing hours and/or a certificate may be earned upon program completion.

Registration Information

Registration for the Summer 2024 session will open on Monday, July 3rd at 8am EST and it will close on Wednesday, July 3rd at 11:59pm EST. There is no registration limit on the number of UNF students who can participate – as long as students register before the deadline, they may participate this semester. Students interested in registering must be affiliated with the University of North Florida (i.e. current student, recent graduate, etc.).

We offer flexible attendance options, including synchronous and asynchronous participation, so participants are not required to attend every live presentation. For more information regarding the Summer 2024 session, please view the Summer 2024 syllabus below.

Medi-Futures UNF summer 2024 Syllabus