Medi-Gators mentorship program

About the Mentorship Program

The Medi-Gators Mentorship Program intends to connect undergraduates, health professional students (medical, PA, nursing, dental, etc.), and healthcare professionals from similar backgrounds and with similar interests. The goal of this program is to contribute to a more successful and equitable health career pipeline by bringing students and professionals together to support one another and to provide guidance, foster insight, encourage growth, and empower.

Who is in a Mentorship Group?

Members of a Mentorship Group include:
~ 1 healthcare professional
~ 1-2 health professional students
~ 2-4 undergraduate students

Undergraduate students and health professional students are matched with a healthcare professional in a career path/specialty of interest.

Mentorship Program Project

To facilitate relationships among group members and give everyone an opportunity to pursue a professional development project, we are asking each group to work toward solving a problem related to any aspect of healthcare, health education, healthcare access, or community outreach. You do not need to cure cancer or end all health disparities (though, be our guest!).

Groups will meet monthly to work on their project and to discuss suggested topics.

participating in the mentorship program

Monthly Meetings

The Medi-Gators Mentorship Program takes place over a 6-month period, from October through April, with an estimated time commitment of 3-4 hours per month.

Our Medi-Gators team will provide groups with monthly discussion topics to initiate intentional conversation. Groups are expected to discuss these topics in addition to planning and executing their project (detailed above).

Monthly meeting times are coordinated by each group based on availability. Intended meeting times with each group will be shared with the Medi-Gators team to help us follow up with groups. We highly encourage groups to attend monthly meetings in-person to foster stronger relationships; however, groups may meet via zoom if needed.

Project Expo & Reception

The Medi-Gators Mentorship Program Project Expo & Reception is an event celebrating the culmination of the program and the achievements of each group.

During this event, Mentorship Groups will present and display the projects they have been working on over the course of the program.

Top awards will be given in the categories of Healthcare Access, Health Education, Community Outreach, and Overall Most Outstanding.

The 2023-2024 Project Expo & Reception will take place in April 2024 (exact date TBA).

apply to the medi-gators mentorship program


Undergraduate Students

Who can apply?
– Applicants must have an affiliation with the University of Florida
– Undergraduate students must have earned a Medi-Gators Virtual Shadowing Program certificate
– Applicants must complete a Medi-Gators Mentorship & Professionalism Training (either prior to applying or after being selected)
– Students at any undergraduate academic level may apply, including students in a gap year, post-baccalaureate program, or master’s program
– Students who are eager to serve as a mentee! Students are expected to display a high level of professionalism, passion, and responsibility.

Select undergraduate applicants will go through a highly competitive application and interview process.

Undergraduate applications are now closed.


Health Professional Students

Health professional students include medical students, dental students, PA students, nursing students, pharmacy students, etc.

Who can apply?
– Health professional students at any academic level
– Students who will be located in the Gainesville area between October 2023 and April 2024 are preferred
– Students who are passionate about mentorship! Health professional students in the Medi-Gators Mentorship Program will play a unique role, serving as both a mentor (to undergraduate students) and as a mentee (to the healthcare professional).

Health professional student applications are open.


Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals at any level of their career are encouraged to complete the Medi-Gators Mentorship Program application.

Due to our program capacity at this time, we are seeking only one healthcare professional per medical specialty. Completion of the application does not guarantee your spot as a mentor; our team will reach out to applicants by mid-August.

Healthcare professional applications are open!

contact the mentorship program team

mentorship co-director

Hillary Aina

Hillary Aina is a third-year undergraduate student from Atlanta, Georgia majoring in Health Science and minoring in Spanish on the pre-medical track. Hillary hopes to one day attend medical school in order to become a General Surgeon. She is very excited to work with the Medi-Gators Leadership Team after participating in the program herself in the Summer of 2021. On campus, Hillary is also involved in clubs such as Psychology Club, and the Neuroscience Club, and hopes to get involved with other pre-health organizations this upcoming school year! At home in Georgia, Hillary has been involved by volunteering at her local food bank for the past 6 years and volunteering at a local hospital this past summer. In her free time, she enjoys reading books, watching TV, hanging out with friends, and traveling to new places. Hillary is very excited to chair the new mentorship program that Medi-Gators is offering and is looking forward to seeing the new program grow and help other pre-health students.

Contact Hillary at

hillary aina

mentorship co-director

Veronia Sadek

Veronia Sadek is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in biology and minoring in Spanish and anthropology. Veronia is from Port Orange, Florida, and is on the pre-med track in hopes of specializing in emergency medicine. She is very active in her church: she teaches the children church hymns and the liturgical Coptic language and is the secretary of Orthodox Christian Campus Ministries (OCCM). Veronia will volunteer weekly at Shands Emergency Department this semester and hopes to study abroad in Spain before graduating. She is bilingual in Arabic and English and hopes to be fluent in Spanish as well. In her free time, Veronia enjoys playing the piano, painting, and hanging out with friends.

Contact Veronia at

veronia sadek